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Bluewater Education Foundation

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Greetings from the Bluewater Education Foundation.


For many years we have been able to offer discounted pricing for premium special edition wine orders from Pelee Island Winery, and we are able to do so again this year. With each bottle sold Pelee Island Winery makes a generous donation to the BEF, in support of outdoor education and conservation.


Unfortunately, due to Covid19, our annual fall fling was cancelled this year - which is a significant source of our donations. In lieu of our annual fall fling we hope that you will consider purchasing wine or making a donation directly to the BEF.


Thank you for your ongoing support of the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre.



There are seven distinct offerings available to mix and match in combinations of six.

  1. Bourbon Barrel Reserve Baco Noir

  2. J.S. Hamilton Red 2017

  3. J.S. Hamilton White 2017

  4. Late Harvest Gewurzt 2018

  5. Secco 2016

  6. Vinedressers Cab Sauv cab franc 2018

  7. Vinedressers Chard 2017

These wines make a great holiday gift for friends, family, coworkers, or just a little something special for yourself. Please view our "What's Happening" page to view the winetasting notes for each wine, as well as the order form to fill out and return to us. Please return your order form and payment method by November 23rd. Orders will be shipped out by the second week of December.

The Bluewater Education Foundation is an independent, arm's length Foundation that works in partnership with the Bluewater District School Board and the community, to preserve and enhance programs like outdoor education not normally funded by the Ministry of Education at The Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre.

The Foundation's directors are a diverse group of business people, entrepreneurs and skilled volunteers from all parts of Bruce and Grey counties. We understand that public education needs our help and  we have created a unique approach to providing programs outside of the Provincial curriculum.

The Bluewater Education Foundation strives to leverage community resources to support, strengthen and improve education for learners of all ages in Bruce and Grey Counties.

"Creating a legacy for learning. The Bluewater Education Foundation enriches our rural community by creating opportunities for learning beyond the classroom for children, youth and adults."