All gifts to the Bluewater Education Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. If any prospect requires assistance in determining a gift, they may contact the office. Gifts can be made in any one of the following ways:


Gift of Cash -  this is an option that may be favorable to those in the community able to provide substantial support from current resources. Larger organizations may prefer to give a one-time donation of larger sums. The best fit for the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre is an unrestricted gift allowing The Bluewater Education Foundation to provide the funds for the most urgent project first.

Pledged Gifts -  an extended pledge period of up to three years is provided. Payments may be budgeted at the discretion of the donor. To accommodate the pledge period, payments may be received in the following ways:

  • Post-dated cheques

  • Credit card

  • Payroll deduction for The Bluewater District School Board employees

Gifts of Appreciated Securities and Personal Property - 
Donations made in this form may be advantageous to certain donors.

Named Gift -  An individual or organization may wish to give a donation to the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre in honor or memory of an individual or organization.

Willed Gifts -  A bequest in a will can be an effective way of contributing to the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre while reducing the taxable portion of the estate. Legal counsel can help make any provisions required.


Corporations may wish to make an outright gift to the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre; in return they can receive formalized recognition (through a naming opportunity, or other means, negotiated with the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre) consistent with the Giving table, and other applicable conditions.

Corporations may wish to take advantage of a number of significant sponsorship/marketing opportunities that will provide the corporation with an array of tangible benefits. The sponsorship gift provides the corporation with a creative merging if interests, venues, media, and imaging.

DONOR Recognition plan

The following opportunities for donor recognition and sponsorship have been adopted.

All donors will be acknowledged with a charitable receipt, and be recognized in a permanent manner on the donor wall at the Centre.

naming opportunities

Corporations, individuals, or family donors in this range will be offered the special naming opportunities of Buildings and Programs in their honor or in memory of a family member.

Recognition for corporate donations may be in the corporate name or in the founder/builder of the corporation (in which case the recognition would be in the name of the individual)

Individuals, families and companies will be given the opportunity to have their names associated with high traffic areas. As well, opportunities will be made available to associate with the OEC programs.

Partnership Opportunities for Corporations

  • Official Corporate Partners $100,000 and up will be recognized as Elite Founders

  • To be recognized as official corporate sponsorship of the Foundation. Benefits of partnership include:

  • Permanent and prominent recognition for the company's generosity

  • Inclusion and recognition of generosity and partnership status at all appropriate media and cultivation events

  • Charitable tax receipt for cash contribution to the campaign

  • And such other items as may be mutually agreed upon


In a charitable endowment, the principal can never be spent. The principal is invested to provide both current income and growth on the principal. A portion of the investment return is used to support the ongoing projects of the Foundation. The appreciation of growth of principal is left with the principal. The idea is that the buying power of the endowment should always remain the same as when the donor established the endowment. Over time, the investment performance should provide grants from the endowment which far exceed the amount of the donor's original gift.

We specialize in building endowment funds so donors can provide continued support for the community forever.

Donors wishing to make investments in their communities that will last virtually forever, create endowment funds.

The original gift (the capital) is not spent; it remains intact.

These funds are pooled together and permanently invested with the assistance of a Investment Committee and the Board of Directors. A comprehensive Investment Policy guides the process and the professional money managers we engage work within those guidelines.

Administration costs are kept at low.

Any additional investment income remains in the fund. This policy is designed to increase the fund balance over time; take into account increases in the cost of living; and build a cushion for the occasional poor investment year. Over time, this ensures uninterrupted, meaningful support to the community.

The permanence of the funds is the true power of endowments. In time, the total accumulated contributions to the community exceed the amount of the original gift.


Planned giving is a way to make a lasting gift.

Advantages of Making a Contribution


Your planned gift can: 

Provide creative ways of using assets, resulting in maximized benefits for you and your family, such as:

  • Deduction on current year income tax return

  • Reduction of capital gains tax on appreciated stock

  • Reduction of estate or income taxes for heirsIncrease in retirement income

Your financial support, dedication, and service in public education can benefit others for years to come. 
Your gift can strengthen and ensure that the BEF continues to thrive and grow beyond your lifetime.

How to Contribute

The Bluewater Education Foundation currently accepts the following planned gifts:


Wills and Bequests 
Bequests can be made in the form of a specific gift of cash or other financial assets, or a percentage of the remainder of an estate. The latter allows more flexibility in planning.

Gifts of Securities
Owners of appreciated securities may obtain substantial tax benefits by transferring those assets directly to The Bluewater Education Foundation. Under current tax law, donors will receive an income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock on the effective date of the gift. In addition, such a gift reduces capital gains tax on any appreciation.

Life Insurance Gifts
The large cash value resulting from a relatively small premium makes a life insurance policy an attractive planned gift. Donate a fully or partially paid policy, or purchase a new policy, and name The Bluewater Education Foundation as irrevocable owner and beneficiary. For fully or partially paid policies, the donor is entitled to an income tax deduction in an amount equivalent to the cash value of the policy. Further payments for a new or partially paid up policy are also income-tax deductible.

Charitable Remainder Trust Gifts
Trusts can help a donor significantly reduce estate and income taxes, more so than other planned giving options, because any number of assets can be given to form the trust. Once the trust is formed, the donor can draw income from it, providing a steady, predictable, and potentially increased income for life. The assets are then transferred to the donor's designated charity.

Charitable Lead Trust Gifts
The donor puts assets into a trust, and income is paid to the charity for a designated period of years, at the end of which the funds are returned to the donor or the donor's heirs. The charity can receive and budget income immediately, giving the donor the satisfaction of making a sizeable gift during his or her lifetime. The gift is returned to the donor or the donor's heir at a reduced tax cost.

Charitable Gift Annuities
This type of gift frees up the donor's assets in order to generate an income and can be started with a relatively small amount of money. The donor makes a gift to a charity, which then pays out stipulated annual payments to the donor for the donor's lifetime. The donor may choose to defer payments until a designated time, such as retirement.

Testamentary Trusts and Annuities
Donors can provide for the establishment of trusts or annuities in their wills, with proceeds going to the charity and the donor's heirs.

Benefits of Making a Contribution

Invitations to special events.

Contact Information 
If you would like more information about making a lasting donation, or if you have already named The Bluewater Education Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift, please contact us.


The Bluewater Education Foundation is happy to discuss these planned gifts with you. However, this information is not intended to be tax or legal advice. The foundation encourages you to speak with your legal or financial advisors before making a donation, to design the best plan for you and your heirs.