Video tutorials and tips from our 2020 summer camp staff, that, unfortunately, due to Covid19, were unable to do camps on site. Great work from both of them. Check back each day for more videos, from July 6th - August 28th.

Videos by Steenika

Videos by Nataley

Steenika provides her recommendations for tools and equipment to take on a long hike

Steenika showcases one of her recommended hike trails in Owen Sound

Nataley provides an approachable scavenger hunt that is fun and easy for kids

Nataley illustrates an artful use for flat rocks you can find along a trail

Here is a video tutorial, from Steenika, showing an awesome bird feeder idea

Nataley shows us a cool use for a water bottle to make a wind spiral

Follow up video on how the orange bird feeder attracted Oreilles

Want to stay cool and have fun? How about making a water bottle sprinkler?

Ever wonder how old a tree is, but you

don't want to cut it down to count the rings?

Hands getting cramped up from all the gardening? Here's an easily made stress ball

Steenika shows us some easy planting basics

to get started growing from seeds

If you've got leftover egg cartons and other containers, Steenika shows how to use them

Here's an easy backyard bird feeder

design you might be tempted to eat too

How good are your architecture skills?

Nataley shows us some crafty building

Steenika opens a can full of worm trivia that will probably make you wiggle in delight

Fun backyard fort design by Steenika that will bring the camp experience home

Bring the solar system to any room of 

your home with this fun activity by Steenika

Don't let a cloudy night ruin your chance

to see constellations with this indoor craft

Engineer a hilarious way to feed friends

and family marshmallows with this catapult

Need some extra energy and a tasty snack?

Nataley shows off a energy ball recipe

Flex those survival engineering skills by

constructing a raft design like Nataley

Enjoy a cool drink while creating some

summer melodies with this craft by Nataley

How high can you build a tower of paper?

Nataley shows you one way to get started

Ever wanted to bank your dreams? How about by making this dreamcatcher?